“In my opinion everything was excellent.” - PROC patient, January 2018
“When one discovers he has cancer, he needs all the understanding concern he can get. The staff here fulfilled that requirement in a superb fashion. All were kind and professional.”- PROC patient, January 2018
“This team is a TRUE team!” -PROC patient, January 2018
“Dr. Halligan was very helpful and is a very good doctor.” -PROC patient, January 2018
“I was very pleased with everything.” -PROC patient, January 2018
“Everyone at this facility was so caring, personal, and professional – this helps with the anxiety of treatments and recovery.” - PROC patient, December 2017
“The staff is great. I will miss the daily contact.” - PROC patient, October 2017
“I feel so thankful to have been able to be treated with such quality care that was only 60 miles round trip from my home!” - PROC patient, October 2017
“Everyone was very cheerful and helpful. Very caring staff, supportive doctors and nurses.” – PROC patient, September 2017
“Absolute confidence that my treatments could not have been done better anywhere!” - PROC patient, September 2017
“Everything was done with exceptional professional care.” - PROC patient, September 2017
“I wish to say the staff, doctors, and radiation techs are a wonderful group of people to work with. Can’t speak highly enough about them.” – PROC patient, August 2017
“I could not have asked for, nor expected, better treatment – mentally or medically. As a Florida resident, I prefer to have medical treatment in Alaska from this experience.”- PROC patient, August 2017
“You have created a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in a state-of-the-art facility.” PROC patient, August 2017
“Your mission of hope is strongly evident. Your entire staff shows an amazing level of compassion without pity.” – PROC patient, July 2017
“We are very fortunate to have this available locally.” – PROC patient, July 2017
“All the staff at the Radiation Oncology center in Soldotna is the BEST!” - PROC patient, July 2017
“I felt like I had a bunch of new friends when I was done. The staff is amazing in every way!” - PROC patient, March 2017
“5 Stars all the way!!” - PROC patient, March 2017
“It was a very positive environment and the staff was always pleasant and concerned. I was delighted to do my treatment in my hometown.” - PROC patient, March 2017
“I didn’t want to do treatment to start with, but your warmth and caring made me feel comfortable and I am confident has contributed to my health and healing process.”- PROC patient, March 2017
“You go above and beyond! I’ve never had such a good experience with any doctor or doctor’s personnel.” - PROC patient, February 2017
“Thankful you are here in Soldotna.” - PROC patient, February 2017
“Celisa and Melany (front desk) are amazing. They both are whole-heartedly there for all the patients. The radiation therapists were kind, very patient when I was in pain.”- PROC patient, February 2017
“Don’t know how you could get any better other than making all cancers go away!” - PROC patient, January 2017
“Everything went very well. The staff is great.” - PROC patient, December 2016
“I am so thankful and blessed to have been cared for by your team! Each encounter was pleasant and positive.” - PROC patient, November 2016
“You made me feel important. You do a great job.” - PROC patient, October 2017
“Dr. Halligan is awesome!” - PROC patient, October 2016
“This is by far my favorite clinic and staff.” - PROC patient, September 2016
“I received the best and most courteous care ever.” - PROC patient, August 2016
“I’m glad this place is here is Soldotna.” - PROC patient, August 2016
“I could not have had a better team, they were all so wonderful, caring and so good to me.” - PROC patient, June 2016
“Your office and staff made this experience go as well as possible – they gave me hope and made me feel confident in the future.” - PROC patient, May 2016
“Professional service, knowledgeable doctors.” - PROC patient, April 2016 “Everyone was so friendly, warm, caring, concerned – loved everyone!” - PROC patient, May 2016
“If return trips are recommended, I would not hesitate to come back for further treatments.” - PROC patient, November 2015
“Provided me with a warm, welcoming environment while going through treatments.” - PROC patient, October 2015
“Thank you for everything you have done for me. Your staff is great and made a hard time a little better.” - PROC patient, October 2015
“It’s such a blessing to be able to do these treatments locally, instead of having to go to Anchorage for them. Thank you for such a caring staff and beautiful facility!” - PROC patient, August 2015
“The team in Soldotna are so good. They are personal and helpful – just a great group.” - PROC patient, August 2015
“From the time you enter to the time you leave, you’re greeted with friendly smiles and treated and though you are special. Always show HOPE even when things feel bleak.”- PROC patient, July 2015
“The staff was very good, friendly and always had a kind word and a smile.” - PROC patient, July 2015
“PROC treated me with respect, professionalism, and caring. Their friendly, warm attitude coupled with state-of- the-art technology gave me plenty of HOPE! We never gave up!”- PROC patient, May 2015
“The people that work there are the best. They always greeted us with smiles.” - PROC patient, May 2015
“Everyone made me and my family feel like things would be alright, and this gave us the extra hope and faith we needed to get through. The office staff is the best cheerleading group ever!”- PROC patient, April 2015
“This is the best thing that could have happened to the Peninsula.” - PROC patient, March 2015
“Wonderful doctors.” - PROC patient, February 2015
“The kindest, most professional team in the medical field. Thank you sincerely!” - PROC patient, February 2015
“Totally lived up to HOPE! I don’t think you could do anything better! You guys totally rocked!” - PROC patient, December 2014
“The office staff is amazing and actually made it fun to come in every day.” - PROC patient, December 2014
“Thank you for making this treatment fifty miles closer to my home. Doctors, therapists, and office personnel were outstanding.” - PROC patient, November 2014
“I felt I got the very best care possible. It was excellent. I have never had better care anywhere. Every single person there is the very best.” - PROC patient, November 2014
“The staff work as a team to provide excellent care while making the patient feel comfortable and confident that he/she is receiving the very best treatment possible.”- PROC patient, September 2014
“I was treated with warmth, compassion, humor, sensitivity, professionalism, empathy – you are all wonderful!” - PROC patient, September 2014
“Everybody was so nice and caring, I can’t say enough good about them. Every single one of them are so concerned and helpful and caring. I’m going to miss them.”- PROC patient, September 2014
“All of the staff were warm and friendly and it was actually pleasurable to come in for treatments.” - PROC patient, August 2014
“I felt safe that everyone knew what they were doing. I would not hesitate to recommend friends to this facility.” - PROC patient, August 2014
“Welcomed me warmly at every treatment, by name.” - PROC patient, August 2014
“Extremely personable!” - PROC patient, July 2014
“Caring and friendly atmosphere.” - PROC patient, July 2014
“Overall very happy with All new content per email – for Testimonial page and also rotating banner on all pages of site. NOTE I just added 2nd quarter comments in red. treatments. Everyone was very nice and it really helps through the difficult time of going through cancer treatments, especially when things are so confusing.”- PROC patient, May 2014
“Where do I start? I actually enjoyed arriving there after an hour and a half drive every morning. If I was down, I left laughing!” - PROC patient, May 2014
“Keep up the great work of giving hope and making dreams come true! You are all wonderful! Keep Dr. John Halligan – he is the best doctor that I have ever seen!”- PROC patient, May 2014
“Caring personalized service, relaxing atmosphere.” - PROC patient, April 2017
“The staff was accessible and kind throughout the whole process.” - PROC patient, May 2017
“Appreciated the staff from the first day to the last. Thank you so much!” - PROC patient, June 2017
“Many lower 48 centers should take lessons here on how to interact with patients and their families.” - PROC patient, April 2017